Monday, July 21, 2014

Six Min.

I thought six min. was no big deal but this six min. leg workout was a beast for me today.

Your body is a gift, be good to it ... You have the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”

Supplements I love

Acai is one of my fave, it has so many health benefits:

Genesis Today Organic Acai 100 Liquid 32oz

Energy Levels
Açaí supports the body during times of stress and fatigue. It contains high amounts of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids (EFAs), protein, and plant sterols. It also contains concentrated amounts of anthocyanins. These nutritional components support our body's energy production and reserves.*

Healthy Appearance
Açaí has the highest source of cyanidin 3-glucoside - a potent plant compound with phenomenal antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Its abundant essential fatty acid profile nourishes the skin with nutritive good fat and oil that is easy to assimilate.*

Açaí berries contain unique antioxidants such as cyanidin 3-glucoside and flavonoids. These powerful free radical scavengers help to neutralize harmful agents in the body.*

Cardiovascular Health
Açaí contains plant sterols (particularly Beta-Sitosterol), which are phytochemicals that help maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the body and all aspects of cardiovascular and heart health.*

Barlean's Omega Swirl Omega-3 Fish Oil Lemon Zest -- 16 Fl Oz

Barlean's Omega Swirl Omega-3 Fish Oil Lemon Zest - Some benefits of fish oil are :

  • lowers blood triglyceride levels
  • reduces the risk of heart attack
  • reduces the risk of dangerous abnormal heart rhythms
  • reduces the risk of strokes
  • slows the buildup of atherosclerotic plaques
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces stiffness and joint tenderness associated with Rheumatoid arthritis
  • An omega 3 fish oil supplement may also help improve or prevent the following:
    • cancer
    • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
    • depression
    • heart disease
    • ADHD
    • diabetes
    • hyperactivity
    • arthritis
    It has also been shown to improve a person’s ability to concentrate and just think clearer in general. Need more, fish oil is also highly recommended by nearly every well respected strength and conditioning coach, trainer, and diet/fitness/nutrition expert of any kind as one of the few supplements that should be taken by anyone with the goal of building muscle, losing fat, or improving their fitness level or athletic ability in any capacity.

    New Chapter multivitamin is the only vitamin for me:

    Organic herbs and cultured whole-food complexed vitamins & minerals work together to promote optimal health and condition- specific benefits – not just address nutrient deficiencies.*

    Every Woman is a probiotic whole-food complexed multivitamin formulated specifically for the needs of active women.
    Energizing herbs including organic Maca and organic Schizandra provide stress support and promote dynamic energy levels.*
    Cultured, organic herbal blends provide energy & stress support and promote hormone, immune system, heart, and digestive health.*
    Two-a-day formula is easy-to-take, easy-to-digest, and can be taken anytime – even on an empty stomach!

    These products are what work for me personally and everyone's health needs are different so you should consult your doctor before starting any supplement!!!


    Thursday, July 17, 2014

    Keep it healthy

    You will feel better ...

    Have a green smoothie ... it's so good for you.


    Oh yeah baby!


    Turning The Page

    My life story is tough to categorize. The beginning of my story was a total tragedy, and everything in between has been such an adventure of love, opportunity, growth, and disappointments too. I'm turning the page and stepping out of  my Real Estate shoes and starting a new career in fitness which has been a huge part of my life for so long.  At this point in my life, I want to do something meaningful and give back to at risk children so I will be mentoring through the YMCA's mentoring program and teaching aerobics with music for kids and I'm crazy pumped about it. I'm high on life and the emptiness I felt as a young girl has been filled with the possibilities. Speaking of turning the page in my life. I will turn 42 on Sunday and someone asked me if I'm feeling some type a way about it ... I have to say I'm embracing it and I'm going to ROCK 42 like it was 22 ...
    Walk That Walk Money
    Got this from a place I call my own ... thought it was cute ...

    Saturday, July 12, 2014

    Aerobic workout for kids

    I'm creating a super fun aerobic workout routine for kids and I'm so pumped and feeling blessed to take part in helping the kiddos get and stay fit. Looking for some fun music ...

    Aerobic dancing can be a great way  for the kids to have fun, start their blood pumping and get  their bodies in shape.

    What Is Aerobic Dancing?

    The word aerobic means "with oxygen" but aerobics usually refers to any kind of activity that gets your heart pumping and your muscles using oxygen. Aerobic dancing involves any kind of exercise put to music  It's recommended that kids  get at least 20 minutes of good aerobic exercise three times a week, so aerobic dancing can be a fun way to stay in shape.

    Aerobic Dancing - What Makes A Good Workout?

    • Warm-up - We Start off moving to something slow for about 5-10 minutes which will prepare you for more vigorous activities. Starting an aerobic routine too quickly can lead to injuries 
    • High Impact - After warming up, your main aerobic routine should last about 20-30 minutes.
    • Cool Down - Spend the last 5-10 minutes of your aerobic dance routine cooling down and relaxing. This will give you a chance to stretch your muscles and let your heart rate slowly come down.


    Monday, April 28, 2014

    Let's get a revelation

    Most of  us subconsciously don't like waiting or starting small! We want big results right now! Sometimes we know where we want to go, all the small steps it takes to get there, we don't want to take. Work equals results and it takes time ... small doors open up to big rooms.

    Workout for today

    Stability ball prone glute life and jump roping, an easy workout that gets real results.

    lay your stomach on the ball, hands on floor, keep your hips on the ball, keep one leg on floor and left the other up hold your glute and put down. keep your head up and enjoy.